Massa: Athletics track at Campo Scuola

Within the municipal sports area of Massa, which also includes the stadium and the sports hall (see Tsport 328), the track and field complex was upgraded
with ring and platforms, in order to homologate the 6-lane facility in class B.

Also published in: Tsport 343
marina di massa atletica

The project concerns the redevelopment of the track and field complex inside the “Campo Scuola” facility, in a sports area that includes the Municipal Stadium and the very recent Palazzetto dello Sport.

The athletics track, with 6 lanes of 400 metres, with grass inside the ring, is designed with two single-centre curves and includes all the platforms for jumps and throws.

Over the years, the surface wear of the existing surface was compounded by subsidence and swelling of the sub-base due to the growth of the roots of the pine trees surrounding the track, so that a radical intervention on both the surface and the sub-base was now necessary to guarantee athletes a homogeneous response, both in terms of traction and energy absorption.

The renovation project involved removing the existing surface and laying a new synthetic, waterproof surface with a seeded topping finish, after laying a bituminous conglomerate wearing surface of at least 3 cm immediately above the existing bituminous surface.

Some of the platforms have been moved to make the facility more efficient and compliant with the Federations’ instructions.