Bagno a Ripoli (Florence): Match Ball Country Club Gym

The new gym is part of the historic Match Ball Firenze Country Club, which over the years has become a real park dedicated to sport and leisure, overlooking the Arno River.

Also published in: Tsport 333

Surrounded by olive trees, cypresses and tall trees, the gym is conceived as a crystal volume, with a simple and rigorous geometry, composed of a point structure in Corten steel and large transparent windows that allow the interpenetration of outdoor and indoor spaces.
The objective of the design idea that lies at the base of the work, is in fact to dematerialize the perimeter envelope allowing users to perform sports and training activities within a space equipped with all comforts while being immersed in the greenery of the surrounding park.

Simple lines, rigorous shapes, the use of Corten steel whose naturally oxidized surface integrates well with the landscape and the trunks of the surrounding trees. The use of steel technology allows the building to be completely removable and therefore recyclable according to the highest international standards of eco-sustainability of new buildings.
Architects created a modern design similar to other new buildings on campus, with innovative integration. The terraced, three-story structure was built into the existing hillside, with its architecture curving along with the bank of the track.