Lugo (Ravenna) – A fencing gym in the PalaBanca di Romagna

The new system, consisting of a 250 sqm fencing gym, complete with office, armoury, dressing room and wellness room, built inside the Palabanca of Lugo, inaugurated in 2007, has been operational since last autumn. The intervention also included the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof.

Also published in: Tsport 323

The Municipal Administration in order to significantly increase the supply of sports facilities for the city had created in 2006, with the start of sporting activities in 2007, the new structure for the practice of various sports.

The Palace, due to its construction characteristics, spaces and predispositions, can be homologated for the national championships of all the main disciplines practiced: in fact, with the large main hall of 1,500 square metres, and the internal useful height of 9.13 metres, it is able to host events of any type, with an authorised capacity of 496 people.

In the main hall you can practice: basketball, volleyball, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, tennis, fencing, boxing, wrestling, martial arts, tennis, free body activities, five-a-side football, skating, tambourine, handball, dance, fitness classes, climbing, championships of flag-wavers and basic school activities and rehabilitation, as well as events and shows.

With the new sports facilities located in the northern block (gymnasium for fencing and wellness-wealth room) the following other activities can be carried out: gymnastic activities for all levels of school education, fencing, judo, table tennis, free gymnastics.