Milan: Padel Club Bovisa

What it was once a bowling alley, now offers two padel and one foot padel courts. But the game of pétanque also remains.

Also published in: Tsport 339

The project concerns a sports facility owned by the municipality and leased to a group of amateur sports clubs.
Inside the building, which is covered by large arched laminated wood beams, the four existing bocce courts were replaced by two padel courts with glass walls and a blue synthetic grass surface filled with quartz sand.

In addition, the remaining space, which was already occupied by two pétanque courts, was converted into a foot padel court with a red surface, while a pétanque court with a Gavirate majolica sand surface was retained.

The service block, on two floors, was reorganised, eliminating the existing bar and increasing the number of changing rooms; on the upper floor there are two rooms with little fixed furniture, available for fitness or for free activities and meetings.

In the detailed design choices, particular attention was paid to the problems connected with safety and the removal of architectural barriers, with the aim of creating flexible, accessible environments that are compatible with the surrounding environment.