Piacenza: Two new school gyms

The project consisted in the demolition of two old ex-military buildings, followed by the construction of two new gyms on the former state property of the Province of Piacenza.

Also published in: Tsport 338

Both gyms have an identical surface area for the playing fields, although they have different overall dimensions. In particular, the large gymnasium, which will seat 200 people, has a usable surface area of 960 square metres and can be divided by an electrically controlled roll-up curtain, so that two classes or sports groups can be present at the same time. Both gyms have suitable parquet sports flooring, are equipped for volleyball and basketball and will be used by schools for physical education activities.

The central area is used for the main entrance, changing rooms, toilets and technical rooms.
The building is equipped with photovoltaic panels for the production of electricity.
The heating system, which is also suitable for the production of hot water, is connected to the city’s district heating network. The heating of the interiors is provided by underfloor radiant panels, while the air changes are guaranteed by air treatment units with heat recovery of the expelled air.
The internal and external lighting systems are LEDs in order to further reduce energy consumes.