Castel Ivano (Trento): new solutions for renovating school sports surfaces

The Istituto Comprensivo Strigno e Tesino (Strigno and Tesino Comprehensive School) is an educational institution in the Sugana Valley with eight schools, six primary schools and two secondary schools.

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The secondary school Ottone Brentani is located in the hamlet of Strigno, formerly autonomous municipality, merged in 2016, with the municipalities of Ivano Fracena, Villa Agnedo and Spera, in the municipality of Castel Ivano. The municipal seat is located in Strigno.
The school complex of Strigno, besides the large gymnasium, is equipped with some outdoor sport facilities. In particular, in the area belonging to the school there is a 100-metre track with four lanes for athletics and a multi-sport field of about 22×35 metres.

This year, the two sports facilities were entirely repaved with a brick-red poured surface; the existing flooring was made of prefabricated sheets and was very worn, therefore dangerous to use.
The renovation of the sports flooring, completed in four weeks, was completed with the marking of the athletics lanes and the marking of the multi-sport court for basketball, five-a-side football and tennis.

In particular, the new surface finish of the sports surface was carried out with a two-component polyurethane skimming compound and the subsequent application of a second layer with a continuous coating, applied in a liquid state, consisting of self-levelling polyurethane, for a final thickness of 4 mm. The surface was finished by manually seeding granules of EPDM rubber with a controlled diameter, with the classic colouring of athletics tracks.
The sports surface thus created constitutes a continuous, homogeneous pavement without surface joints, with elastic characteristics that are optimal for a facility intended for use in schools.