Rome: A tensile structure at Cinecittà World

The indoor Palastudio structure, the latest addition to the Cinema Theme Park, is currently under construction.

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Along the Via Pontina, south of Rome, near the district of Castel Romano, opens Cinecittà World, a theme park dedicated to cinema and television.

The park, which covers an area of about 300,000 square metres, consists of more than 40 attractions organised in 7 thematic areas, designed by Dante Ferretti.

The area used to be occupied by Dino De Laurentiis’ film studios, dating back to the 1960s, some of whose studios have been recovered and converted into spaces for shows and attractions. Cinecittà World was opened in July 2014 on the initiative of Luigi Abete, Aurelio De Laurentiis and Diego Della Valle, and over time is expanding with new spaces and offers for the public.

The Palastudio

The latest initiative this year is the Palastudio, a 2,000 square metre space intended to host shows, events and film premieres.

The new structure is located at the entrance to the park, in the ‘Cinecittà’ themed section, and is accessed before crossing the portal leading into Cinecittà Street, the heart of the film world.

This autumn, the roofing of the Palastudio is under construction. with a marquee by FT Plasteco measuring 35.50 x 60.70 metres, with a maximum height of about 12 metres.

Due to the special requirements of the hall, the 11 structural elements in laminated wood are black; the roof is in PVC sheet with a double membrane, and the inner membrane is also black, while the outer one is ivory.

Cinecittà World, in addition to the attractions and shows, includes several different refreshment points and a shop to buy gadgets and photos.