Bolzano: refurbishment and enlargement of the Druso Stadium

FC Suedtirol Bolzano celebrates promotion from Lega Pro to Serie B in conjunction with the completion of renovations to the historic city Stadium, with the grandstands increased to a capacity of 5,500 spectators.

Also published in: Tsport 345
stadio druso tribuna

The Druso Stadium in Bolzano consists of the ‘Zanvettor’ and ‘Canazza’ grandstands, which are clearly distinguished from each other. The special feature of the renovation is the monumental fa├žade of the main grandstand, built in the 1930s under artistic protection, which has been retained and functionally integrated into the ‘Zanvettor’ grandstand behind. The ‘Canazza’ grandstand with its characteristic concrete roof has been maintained, enlarged and restored, with particular attention to the roofing, characteristic of the architecture of the 1960s.

The sports facility has thus been renovated and its capacity increased from 3,000 to 5,500 seats, equipping the stands with brand new fixed and folding seats.
It is worth noting that the transit routes for the various users and visitors have consequently been divided, freeing up the portal (the entrance area), the business area, Fanshop and the catering facilities, which are now separately accessible and usable even for non-sporting events.

On the ground floor of the Zanvettor stand are the press conference rooms and meeting rooms for stewards and the police, administrative rooms, kitchen area, etc. The second floor houses the press rooms and the meeting rooms for stewards and the police. On the second floor are the business and video surveillance rooms.
The playing field has been completely redone, right down to the substructure, with a natural grass surface.