Reggio Emilia: The new works at the Mapei Stadium

The extraordinary maintenance work that Mapei, the company that owns the structure, planned this year began at the end of June and was completed in mid-August, so as not to interfere with the football championship. This entailed a complex management of the works, carried out simultaneously on different sectors of the structure, in the limited time available of only 71 working days.

Also published in: Tsport 347
(ph. FP/Tsport)

All of the work carried out made it possible to modernise certain services and to facilitate future maintenance and periodic inspections, thus extending the life of the facility with a view to durability, to the benefit of the environment and of all the facility’s users.

The most important intervention under the structural point of view concerned the upgrading of the roofs of the two east and west stands. The pre-existing covering was replaced with a more modern and high-performance construction solution, with the installation of new wooden beams for the secondary frame, and an aluminium roof with overlapping joints that guarantees perfect impermeability.

In the gallery, works on the roofs (credits: ph. Vinardi [3], AT [1], Tsport [1])

The playing field, which as it hosts two teams must endure double rounds, was renovated and improved with the total replacement of the sandy substrate, the heating system, and the final mixed layer of turf and sewn synthetic turf.

In the gallery, working steps, from the sandy underlayer to the three types of turf (credits: ph. Tsport).

On the other hand, there was no need to intervene on the deep drainage system, which was created in 2014 using Mapesoil technology, and which still guarantees perfect drainage of the turf, as tests carried out eight years after its installation show.