San Sebastian (Spain): Refurbishment of the Anoeta Stadium

The stadium in the Basque city, where the Real Sociedad de FĂştbol plays, has undergone a major renovation to improve the spectators’ relationship with the playing field.

Also published in: Tsport 330

The current Anoeta stadium, inaugurated in 1993, had an athletics track that kept spectators away from the playing field.
The fundamental objectives of the redevelopment project can be summarized as follows: to bring the spectator closer to the playing field by suppressing the athletics track, increase the capacity of about 10,000 spectators, improve accessibility, modernize the technological systems, increase the intensity of use of the venue, give a new image to the stadium to make it a landmark in the city.



To increase capacity, the steps on the short sides have been demolished and rebuilt. In the grandstand area, the upper tier has remained unchanged, while the lower tier has been advanced with a minimal intervention on its structure. After the renovation, the capacity of the stadium was brought from 32,289 to 41,952 spectators.
Overall, the new spaces in the entrance hall increase the time the spectator can stay in the facility both before and after the game.

The stadium in its pre-existing condition had a great diversity of accesses. With the redevelopment these have been unified by creating a base that serves as a transition between the street level and the stadium.
In addition, a new EFTE envelope has been created, which makes the facade homogeneous and recognizable and acts as the backdrop for Avenida Madrid.

Construction details

Here you can find some construction details in pdf format: