Veroli: Renovation of the Cereate sports centre

At the Cereate Sports Center in Veroli (Fr), the grandstand and locker room building were newly built and the sports facilities were renovated.

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Centro sportivo Cereate a Veroli

In Veroli, in the province of Frosinone, the work carried out to upgrade Cereate sports centre near the Abbey of Casamari included the renovation of the football pitch and the construction of a new grandstand and changing room block.

The framework of the Cereate sports center interventions in Frosinone

The football pitch, which was already made of beaten earth, was transformed with a synthetic grass surface, including underlayment and drainage according to the LND Standard Regulations.

An athletics track was constructed around the pitch, including jumping boards; however, since it does not have the necessary measurements to be homologated, it is to be considered a training facility.

Above, plan of the grandstands and of the support rooms. Then, construction details of the grandstands.

On the two long sides, the new changing room block, with a rectangular plan, and, in front of it, the new grandstand for 570 spectators, made of a metal structure, under which some support rooms are built.

The new LED lighting system is equipped with devices to limit the dispersion of light upwards.