The project supremacy

The need to respect the timeframe for the realisation of public works that will (hopefully) benefit from European funds linked to the NextGenerationEU calls into question – if it were still necessary – the cumbersome nature of our Code of Contracts and the excessive length of time required for their realisation.

Also published in: Tsport 338

The latest report published (in 2018) by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion notes an average time of 4.4 years, of which 2.5 relate to the design, 0.6 to the awarding and 1.3 to the execution. These times are incompatible with Europe’s requirements.

With the aim of speeding up time, there is now talk of strengthening the institution of integrated contracting, so that the design and realisation of the works can be awarded in a single tender.

In the recent past, the institution of integrated contracting has not had the desired effects, as it has taken the direction of the work away from the contracting authority in favour of the implementer: thus, Legislative Decree 50/2016 has prohibited it, except in the case of project financing, PPP, and other special situations. Except that this prohibition was then waived by subsequent measures, for now until the end of 2021 (Law 120/2020).

In any case, the heart of the problem remains the project. If the public body puts out to tender a preliminary or final project that is not accurate, the executive will necessarily have to rework it, whether or not it is unrelated to its execution. This leads to a slippage in approval times, and often also in costs, or, vice versa, to an impoverishment of the initial idea in order to maintain its sustainability by the company. 

This is why we never tire of talking to designers to share with them all the tools that can guarantee the best result, since it is only by exchanging information that we can broaden the horizon of knowledge underlying creativity and good practice.

Part of this commitment is the programme of webinars organised throughout the year according to the calendar you will find here, a programme that complements the usual pages of Tsport and the daily information on the Sport&Impianti portal.