Pagnacco (Udine): Synthetic grass training football pitch

One of the fields of the municipal sports centre has been completely renovated, replacing the surface already made of natural grass with a synthetic turf of the latest generation.

Also published in: Tsport 328

The decision to proceed with the renovation work came about as a result of the need for some improvements necessary for greater use of the complex and the restoration of some worn and not very functional parts of the sports centre.
The type of substrate chosen is vertical drainage with a 21 cm package, composed of three different layers. After the levelling of the various layers, the 52 mm artificial grass covering was used, consisting of sheets 4 metres wide, placed side by side and glued together.

It is an artificial grass surface made of polyethylene fibres made of extruded monofilament, anti-abrasive and extremely resistant to wear and with a special anti-UV treatment. The shape of the threads gives them excellent durability.
The stabilization infill is made of silica sand, washed with a rounded edge.

The performance infill is made up of elastomeric granules in coated rubber obtained by grinding selected rubber in accordance with current regulations, free of dust or foreign parts, covered and encapsulated with a film of virgin polyurethane resin, painted and ennobled with ecological and non-toxic pigments to obtain an odourless product and great resistance to abrasion.
The field is completed by an irrigation system adapted to the needs, with the sprinklers hidden in the ground positioned outside the field.