Back to school: here are the new wheeled desks

Let’s take a closer look at the desks equipped with wheels, chosen for the new furnishings in view of the reopening of schools in safety, with the model proposed by Omsi.

What are the new wheeled desks we are talking about in these days of school reopening and how are they made?

Last July, the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency Domenico Arcuri published a call for tenders for the purchase of individual desks aimed at ensuring greater physical distance between school students (here the technical specifications required).

The announcement provided that up to 50% of the new desks – also in relation to the requests of the single schools – could be of the type with wheels and integrated seat. A useful typology not only for the emergency phase of the spacing, but also in the context of a more innovative didactics, with the possibility of organizing the space in the classroom in a variable and diversified way.

When the race is over, 2,013,656 traditional single-seater benches and 435,118 innovative seats will be delivered by October.

omsi scuola gruppo

The seating “News 3.0” by Omsi

To understand how the new seating benches are made, we describe those, entirely made in Italy, proposed by Omsi, the company known to our readers for the production of seats for sports facilities.

The Polypropylene shell is mounted on a swivel base with 6 castors enabling 360° easy rotation and a quick switch from frontal lesson to group work. A large circular base is suitable for bags or backpacks storage.

omsi scuola composita

The right and left handed writing tablet on swivel support, is rotating at 360° thanks to a tubular Asform steel swivel arm, with internal metal reinforcement structure covered with soft polyurethane.

The shell, available in a wide set of colours, is certified Plastic Second Life – MixEco. The surface finishing is easy to sanitize with alcohol based solutions.

The seating is also certified according to the two standards UNI ENV 1729-1 and UNI ENV 1729-2 of 2016 that indicate the ergonomic and safety requirements for furniture, including chairs and desks, used in educational institutions.

omsi scuola intero