The multi-sport European Championships at the Munich Olympiastadion

50 years after the 1972 Olympic Games, the European Championships in nine different sports will be held at the same venue in Munich this August. For the occasion, all athletics facilities have been renovated with REGUPOL 4.0 technology.

From 11th to 21st August 2022, the multi-sport European Championships are being held in Munich.

Exactly 50 years after the 1972 Olympic Games, the European Championships in 9 different sports are being held at the same venue. After 20 years, Günter Benisch’s world famous Olympiastadion sees the return of the European Athletics Championships. This iconic venue, rich in tradition, will be one of the top attractions at this mega event, hosting 50 exciting competitions for European gold.

To mark the occasion, all the athletics facilities over an area of 8,500 m² are to be redesigned. Because in recent years the Olympiastadion has been used almost exclusively for concerts, which have very different surface requirements, the running track was given a red asphalt surface some years ago.

When planning the European athletics championships, however, those responsible realised they would need a completely different kind of surface, one that would have to meet the highest demands of international top-class sport and that could be covered quickly for concerts and similar events. Ideal would be a solution that would not require the entire asphalt surface to be removed.

For this great occasion, the existing running track is being renewed – by REGUPOL with technology 4.0.

This new technology saves one complete work stage when installing the running track surface. Sealing the base mat, which prevents it being penetrated by the self-levelling PUR wear layer during installation, is no longer necessary. The mat can now be coated directly with polyurethane without any additional stages between. This saves time, material and money. The consistent and proven physical properties of REGUPOL champion surfaces remain unchanged, while the adhesion of the wear layer to the REGUPOL base mat is significantly improved – facts which, naturally, also apply to the track in the Munich Olympiastadion.

(News by Regupol BSW GmbH).