Omsi Green: seats for a sustainable Stadium

The promotion of sustainable building, based on the need to save energy, reduce emissions and respect the planet, has greatly influenced the way Omsi conceives architecture and seating design to furnish sports facilities.

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omsi green pontedera

If the characteristics of a soccer stadium are no longer those of the past, now providing seating for all spectators, the goal of an environmentally sustainable stadium, also encouraged by FIFA and UEFA, requires the adoption of “green” strategies and initiatives such as eco-sustainable systems of water management, waste and construction materials as well as furniture.

The circular economy by Omsi

The choice of materials, their manufacture, construction, maintenance, demolition and disposal has repercussions on both the environment and the health of users, therefore the recycling of materials should be actively encouraged.

Not only the materials are important, but also the means by which they were produced and purchased.

The responsible choice of building materials can have important environmental advantages, recycled or eco-friendly materials should always be preferred.

Omsi – the company known for the production of seats for sports facilities – can take over the dismantling and removal of the seats, in order to reuse them to produce new ones, these will be addictivated and prepared for future recycling; in the event that there are no technical times for the entire production chain, seats from other facilities can be used, making the waste plastic become a resource, all of this is a concrete application of circular economy, with a 40% reduction of raw materials from the environment.

omsi green

How Omsi seats are made

Omsi seats (that complies with the latest FIFA / UEFA regulations and are FIBA homologated) are manufactured with different production technologies, in copolymer polypropylene derived from differentiated waste from domestic and / or industrial collection; certified by IPPR (institute for the promotion for recycling plastics) our recycled products guarantee maximum reliability and durability during their life cycle.

Omsi is the first manufacturer worldwide to produce and install at the Ettore Mannucci Stadium in Pontedera (Pisa) seats made with mixed plastics from differentiated waste collection.

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