Rimini: Refurbuishment of the Rivabella sports center for rubgy and baseball

The Sports Centre called “Rivabella” was founded at the end of the seventies and hosts the sports of rugby, baseball and tennis.

Also published in: Tsport 335

The equipment included a rugby court with a clay surface, two clay tennis courts and two baseball courts, one of which was sized for youth categories and women’s softball, in addition to the service buildings essential to the performance of these activities.
The expansion of the centre saw the construction of a new natural grass rugby field, approved at competitive level up to the A series, equipped with artificial lighting.

The intervention on the rugby sports surfaces required the reduction in width of the existing clay pitch, with its downgrading to a training pitch. In the interstitial space between the two courts, two modular metal stands were placed, necessary for adaptation to the Federation’s regulations.
The existing buildings, intended for services and changing rooms, have been demolished and replaced with two new buildings for changing rooms for instructors and athletes adapted to CONI and FIR standards. All the buildings are made with “light” prefabricated technology to allow their possible removal and repositioning.

As regards the baseball system, including two pitches, the vegetal ground for the Under 12 pitch has been integrated in order to regularise the slope to comply with the technical standards of the game; dugouts have also been created.
In correspondence with the area between baseball and rugby, two buildings have been built for common services for the two disciplines. These buildings house the spaces for the so-called “third half” of rugby, but also serve as a club house for baseball, considering that the two disciplines take place in different time periods during the year.