Lanuvio (Roma): Rugby sporting facility

The existing multi-purpose sports centre in the hamlet of Campoleone di Lanuvio has been renovated and brought up to standard, becoming one of the few artificial turf facilities dedicated specifically to rugby in the Metropolitan City of Rome.

Also published in: Tsport 346

The work was therefore aimed at renovating and bringing the playing field up to standard with the transformation of the turf with the use of the latest generation of artificial grass approved by the FIR (Italian Rugby League) at national and international level, the renovation of the entire system of fences, separations and gates for the paths of the entire sports facility, and the renovation of the lighting system and light towers.

The new geometry of the pitch involved the preparation of the foundation with new final slopes, completed by the construction of a new automatic irrigation system for the pitch.

A finishing layer of crushed sand was laid on top of the sub-foundation layer thus prepared, with a HDPE waterproofing geomembrane to make the substructure completely impermeable and to ensure the disposal of rainwater with horizontal drainage and its collection in the gutters for subsequent conveyance, through the drainage ducts, to the collection ditch.

To reduce the use of energy resources and in general the environmental impact resulting from the construction of the work, the contractor chose the DOMO® DURAFORCE XSL artificial turf system, certified by FIR and laboratory certified according to the main European and World Rugby Regulations quality criteria. The grass is 60 mm high, the infill consists of 32 kg/sqm silica sand and 10 kg/sqm black SBR rubber.

The system is completed by a 20 mm thick prefabricated drainage and performance underlay made of recycled materials.

(In memory of Gianni Idda, technical sales consultant of Domo Sports Grass, who died prematurely on 20 April).