Nuvolera (Brescia): Renovation of an artificial turf football pitch

The already synthetic pitch was implemented with a new generation turf and the adaptation of the sub-base, through a Public Private Partnership procedure that allowed for an integrated procedure that was economically more advantageous for the public administration.

Also published in: Tsport 347
nuvolera mast

What makes this realisation interesting is not only the beauty of the works, but also the procedure chosen. In fact, we are not faced with a tender at maximum discount, where the offer often turns out to be out of the market with the consequent delays and need to face extra costs if not – in extreme cases – the abandonment of the construction site.

In this case the Public Private Partnership formula was chosen, which the proposer submitted to the Municipality of Nuvolera with a project including financing, design, construction, maintenance of the field in question and management for the duration of 15 years.

The Partnership allows with a single integrated procedure, economically more advantageous, to carry out public works with an important support from the private sector.
The administration considered the proposal valid and interesting and put it out to tender. For the public authority, it was a way to have quality works while leaving the risks (of construction and availability) to the private sector, throughout the contract.

The subject of the intervention was the adaptation of the sub-base with a new drainage system and a new irrigation system; then the laying of the new synthetic turf made of polyethylene yarn with a six-filament monofilament structure; the relamping of the LED lighting system and the completion with the dedicated sports equipment.