Verona: The anti-stadium of Hellas with the new synthetic turf

Last autumn, a party for all the fans concluded the works of modernization of the historic facility, renovated among other things with a surface in latest generation synthetic grass, and now approved Professional.

Also published in: Tsport 327

The historic training site of Hellas, named after Guido Tavellin, now the site of the youth sector’s activities, has been completed, and it is more functional and compliant: the club wanted to celebrate the event, on 13 October, with a day open to all fans, who were able to discover the new facility up close with their team.

Since the previous autumn the anti-stadium renewal had been started with the replacement of the old turf, which gave way to a last generation synthetic turf, to allow a more intensive use of the facility, in any weather condition. The synthetic turf with a particular double “S” shape of the yarn, in two shades of green and reinforced in the central part, ensures a better absorption of wear stress (resilience); the double “S” structure holds inside a degree of humidity such as to ensure an excellent playing comfort.

To complete the project, an energy-saving LED lighting system has been installed; the project has also provided for the extension of the existing grandstand (which in the future will be covered), the installation of a turret overlooking the field (for video shooting for TV and technical-sports use), the construction of a tensile structure/gym, changing rooms, infirmary and “anti-doping control” room.