Pietrasanta (Lucca): Renovation of the athletics track

The athletics track located inside the ‘Falcone e Borsellino’ multipurpose facility underwent a necessary redevelopment.

Also published in: Tsport 346

The facility, which was built in the second half of the 1980s, is equipped with an eight-lane track with stands for approximately 1,000 people, large changing rooms and service areas for warming up athletes.

Until last year, however, the facility could not be used to its full potential: the deterioration of the synthetic surface of the track and platforms, combined with the lack of much of the fixed and mobile equipment that was worn out or missing, made it difficult to use even for training.

In order to make the facility functional again, before it was completely deteriorated and completely unusable, it was necessary to proceed with an intervention to resurface the synthetic floor of the track.

The intervention involved the complete removal of the existing surface and the construction of a new sub-base, which was completed by laying the new surface. The same considerations apply to the long and triple jump platform, the high jump platform and the javelin platform, for which, in order to bring their performance characteristics into compliance with the prescriptions of the FIDAL technical circular letter, it was necessary to substantially resurface the existing ground.

Once the bituminous sub-base was prepared, and a coat of polyurethane primer was applied for binding, the sports flooring was created, consisting of a synthetic elastic sandwich covering, obtained by laying a first 10 mm layer of prefabricated rubber mat made in the factory with suitable specific weight values glued to the bituminous sub-base using suitable polyurethane adhesive; followed by the application of polyurethane resin sealant over the entire surface, of a surface wear layer with a total thickness of 4 mm, consisting of self-levelling coloured two-component polyurethane resin casting, and subsequent seeding of thermo-polymer granules (EPDM), also coloured, performed on the layer of two-component resin not yet catalysed in order to obtain partial incorporation in the same.