Tsport number 332 comes out at a time when every sports facility in the world is closed to athletes and the public.

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Orvieto, March 2020 (Ph. Maria Giulia La Rosa)

We have compared, here below, two images just before the lockdown to which most countries in the world are subjected.

In the first photo the caption reads: On January 28, 2020, affected by the “Wuhan pneumonia epidemic” in Huai’an City, Jiangsu Province, China, citizens took the initiative to wear masks to moderately carry out outdoor fitness activities.

(Huai’an, Cina – Ph. He Jinghua)
(Huai’an, Cina – Ph. He Jinghua)

The other photo was taken in San Siro on 19 February, during the Champions League match between Atalanta and Valencia: 45,000 fans from Bergamo and Valencia crowded closely together in the stands.

(San Siro Stadium, Milan – Ph. ph.FAB)
(San Siro Stadium, Milan – Ph. ph.FAB)

The match has been pointed out by some sources as a possible engine of the orobic outbreak of the epidemic. But on the other hand, the image of the stadium (and the sport-show in general) is this one. Would it ever be conceivable to have a football in empty stadiums? It is imagined in these weeks, temporarily, for a mere calculation of the running of the Championships.

Today, when we are closed at home and operating (who can) in “smart working” we can only make generic considerations: we do not know – at this moment – when and under what conditions we will start to fill the sports facilities again, either to watch the competitions, or to practice that “sport for all” that we have always supported and that we have been denied for so many weeks.

Let’s imagine, however, that this is a pause, a hiccup in the flow of history, and that we will soon start again.

Here then in the pages of Tsport the usual review of new sports spaces, now empty, but ready to echo the voices of athletes and fans, perhaps the same as yesterday, perhaps better.

(Photo Credits: Shutterstock)