Basket and volleyball for everyone

Structured sports, those that are played on regular courts, can be played more freely in multi-purpose spaces more or less equipped for one game or another. Typically, the basketball court, with its scoreboards, is the one that requires less maintenance.

Among the facilities of the project along the Sentiero Valtellina, that of Albosaggia falls into this category.

The area is close to one of the most accessible and infrastructural points of the entire Sentiero Valtellina.

The area considered is characterized by the presence of some significant elements at district level such as the parking area for about 30 cars, accessible from the provincial road network, the bridge connecting the pedestrian and bicycle over the Adda, which marks the change of orographic bank of the path and creates a direct access from the southern districts of the town, a station for bike rental and a building (locker room) at the service of the nearby river mooring of canoes and inflatable boats.

The project includes a basketball-volley court with asphalt field and a play area with gravel paving.

The accesses are from the north (along the Sentiero Valtellina) and from the south (through a staircase connecting with the public car park) and are characterized by the presence of some reinforced concrete structures that constitute the access thresholds to the area, similarly to what was planned for the other areas recently built along the path.

The basketball-volleyball court is bordered to the north by a metal fence to prevent interference with the nearby cycle/pedestrian path and to the south by a long bench; another seating area is located at the north entrance while bike carriers will be located in the south near the playground.

The floors are all made of asphalt (a specific type for sports on the playing field).

The sign colour used in this case with the stripes on the asphalt and the metal inscriptions at the entrances is blue. The metal fence has been painted in the same colour. In the photos, made when work has not yet been completed, the cycle/pedestrian walkway that crosses the Adda appears in the background.