Special Outdoor

We have tackled the theme of sport that takes place in the open air, mainly in unstructured environments, from paths to playgrounds, all through the thread of the pedestrian and cycle path that runs through the Valtellina from Colico to Bormio, but not only.

It is not easy to define a precise outline of what we want to call “outdoor” sport: starting with the definition that we want to give precisely to the word “sport”.

Undoubtedly, in recent decades, there has been an important transformation: sport – or physical activity in general – is appropriating unstructured spaces, gyms that are natural environments or even new urban places.

Thus, from the spontaneous birth of unregulated sports activities, we move on to the identification of new codified sports (see the Tokyo 2020 Olympic programme), or the request, in any case, for the creation of spaces suitably designed for easy and safe use.

Physical activity carried out outdoors outside the classic sports facilities fenced in by an audience that crosses all ages and all physical conditions, is therefore the starting point.

We have woven the ranks taking as a starting point the Sentiero Valtellina, a “sweet” infrastructure on which a program of connected sports facilities is grafted, equally “light”, to create a logical plot (partly realized in part in fieri) that covers the whole world of free and destructured sport: without losing sight of the link with the classic facilities, for those who want to carry out a more competitive activity. The facilities described are the skatepark, the pump track, the fitness area, the basketball area.

A significant space is given to the theme of accessibility of places where you practice outdoor sports, with a particular focus on playgrounds. In fact, children’s games must be adapted to the needs of a wider audience and contribute to forming and educating them to a culture of participation and integration, being able to recognize, from the beginning, in the moment of the game, in the diversity of others a resource. Thus, through some examples of recent installations, an overview is drawn of the characteristics that the equipment of a modern playground must have, also with reference to the most recent European technical standards.

To complete the picture, there is no lack of references to water sports, practicable both on the lake and in the river, and to more or less regulated physical activities practicable outdoors.

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