The fitness park in Piateda

The one built in Piateda, along the Sentiero Valtellina, is an example of how the playground is transformed into a fitness area, with a destination no longer reserved for children.

The area, bordered to the south by the Sentiero Valtellina and to the north and west by the embankment towards the Adda, was characterized by the presence of some rest areas and play areas, but although it was quite popular it was not equipped for most of its extension.

The immediate proximity to the Sentiero Valtellina, the public property, and the proximity to the municipal gymnasium of Piateda, have made this area considered ideal for the location of a fitness space equipped with training facilities, accessible to disabled users, for calisthenics and slackline.

A reinforced concrete slab was therefore built on the existing embankment, on which technical equipment was installed on an approximately 8 cm thick anti-trauma cast rubber floor.

The outdoor spaces to the south and the access ramp to the Sentiero Valtellina are paved, also to facilitate access to the entire area by weak users, while the area of relevance of the slackline has a sand bottom to cushion any falls.

Access is from the south through the aforementioned ramp located at the edge of the Sentiero Valtellina, and is characterized by the presence of an artifact in reinforced concrete that constitutes the threshold of access to the area as well as the place where the rules of use of the structures and some bike carriers are located.

The same wall is equipped, towards the inside of the fitness area, with a bench for the rest of the users and for the support of bags and clothes of the same.

A specific signage, consisting of coloured graphic signs painted on some asphalted areas close to the Sentiero Valtellina and some metal inscriptions placed at the entrances, indicate the presence of the sports area, giving it a specific identity connected to the colour used, orange, in analogy with other facilities along the Sentiero.