The skatepark takes on the typical elements of the urban spaces where the game was originally born, rationalizing and standardizing them to obtain the greatest effectiveness and reasonable safety for those who practice the sport.

The park can be built by assembling prefabricated modular elements on the market, or by designing and realizing on site all the obstacles in an organic design of the area available. In any case, it is advisable that the design and placement of the equipment is done with the support of those who have experience of this sport, since there is still no official codification to be respected.

Skatepark nel Parco della Torre a Milano
Skatepark at Parco della Torre in Milan


Not far from the Poggiridenti pump track system, the Sondrio skate park is one of the areas opened last spring along the Sentiero Valtellina.

Already along the trail there was a small skate park with a single ramp installed about ten years ago.

The structure, due to its small size, although of excellent quality, did not allow the simultaneous practice by several athletes and, consequently, significantly limited its use, because of the requests of local skaters it was assumed to proceed to the expansion of the area through the creation of a series of new equipment and spaces such as to determine a significant increase in the possibilities of use and visitors by number, age and type.

An area was then created with beaten concrete flooring, on which to place a series of new ramps alongside the existing one (which was kept on site for the time of execution of the work).

Access is via the Sentiero Valtellina and is characterised by the presence of a reinforced concrete structure similar to that seen at Poggiridenti.

The skatepark is bordered, to the north and south, by a concrete wall with benches that, depending on their characteristics (steel profile on the outer edge) are grindable by the skaters.

The flooring of the area practicable by skateboarders is in beaten concrete, so as to ensure maximum fluidity, while the connection to the Sentiero Valtellina is paved; the area is equipped with sub-services for the collection and disposal of rainwater.

A specific signage, consisting of coloured graphic signs painted on some asphalted areas close to the Sentiero Valtellina and some metal writings placed at the entrances, indicate the presence of the sports area, giving it a specific identity connected to the colour used, which in this case is green.