Fragile Italy. Voices from the RUN

From 3 to 6 April, the VII National Urbanism Review was held in Riva del Garda, followed by the XXX INU Congress. We anticipate some considerations on one of the four topics covered, "Fragile Italy", which will be the subject of a special issue of TSPORT coming out at the end of April, dedicated to post-earthquake reconstruction.

Sensitive Landscapes

The week from 20 to 28 October is held, on the initiative of Italia Nostra, the sixth edition of the national campaign on "Sensitive Landscapes".

Appointment with sport climbing in Arco

The last weekend of July was the time of the traditional Rock Master Festival, combined with the Italian stage of the World Cup Lead and Speed, followed, in August, by the Rock Junior for the under 14.

Dogs, greenery and sidewalks

The topic was discussed by Bruno Grillini, architect, and Giovanni Bucci, veterinary doctor, during an evening organized in Trento on May 22 by the DogBliss Association, under the patronage of the Lions International section of Trento, the Order of Veterinary Doctors of the Province of Trento and the Municipality of Trento, and coordinated by [...]

Bridges and large structures

It was the name of a non-compulsory course at the Faculty of Architecture, at least in the 70s. It's not part of the exams of my booklet: maybe I preferred the lecture-performing by Bruno Zevi or the pioneering landscape lectures by Vittoria Ghio Calzolari, with a young Fulco Pratesi as assistant.

Special… Quidditch!

When the English writer J.K.Rowling published 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' in 1997, the first novel of the saga of Harry Potter, would not have perhaps imagined that in the future the Quidditch, magical game that takes place on horseback of flying broom handles, described there for the first time, would become a true sports discipline.

BIM (boom, bam)

Without ever mentioning it, Italian law has introduced Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the design, construction and management of public works.


The South Korean city of Gangneung hosts, in this month of February, some of the disciplines of the XXIII Winter Olympic Games: in particular ice sports, which are played in large indoor installations, while the skiing disciplines take place outdoors in the mountain sites.

Tokyo 2020 for young people

Last December, the International Olympic Committee (CIO) approved the sites for the new sports introduced between the disciplines that will be played in Tokyo 2020: skateboarding, climbing, 3x3 basketball and freestyle BMX, which will be set in an urban context.

Special Skateboard / BMX

In June 2017, the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee approved the programme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, confirming the line taken recently by the committee itself: to make the next Olympics a more "young" sporting event with a more "urban" appeal.