Special Outdoor

We have tackled the theme of sport that takes place in the open air, mainly in unstructured environments, from paths to playgrounds, all through the thread of the pedestrian and cycle path that runs through the Valtellina from Colico to Bormio, but not only.

The playground

The playground is a recent invention, and is constantly developing as the needs of users, small and large, become more specific and attentive.

Inclusive games

Games for children, in an urban park, must be adapted to the needs of a wider audience and help to train and educate them to a culture of participation and integration, being able to recognize, from the outset, at the time of the game, in the diversity of others a resource.

UNI standards

Since 1998, the European standards EN1176 (equipment for playgrounds) and EN1177 (coating of playground surfaces) regulate the technical characteristics of the equipment and the UNI 11123:2004 standard regulates the design of parks and outdoor playgrounds.

The fitness park in Piateda

The one built in Piateda, along the Sentiero Valtellina, is an example of how the playground is transformed into a fitness area, with a destination no longer reserved for children.

Inclusive park in Sestri Ponente

One of the last parks created with full respect for the theme of inclusiveness is the playground inaugurated on July 6 in Sestri Ponente, and donated to the city by the association Samuele Cavallaro Onlus, with the patronage of the City Hall VI Medio Ponente of the City of Genoa.

The Parco della Torre

The Parco della Torre, opened in Milan in 2018, offers play areas for children of different ages: this is the space for children.

Sestri Levante and the “Sun Games”

In the park named after Nelson Mandela, among the various equipment have been installed some educational games inspired by the astronomical principles of the sundials.

Pump track: Poggiridenti and Lainate

The pump track is a track without a predefined shape, but composed of parabolic curves and appropriately shaped humps, to be covered with mountainbikes, bmx, scooters, inline skates and bikes without pedals, acting on the thrust of the body rather than on the pedaling.


The skatepark takes on the typical elements of the urban spaces where the game was originally born, rationalizing and standardizing them to obtain the greatest effectiveness and reasonable safety for those who practice the sport.

Basket and volleyball for everyone

Structured sports, those that are played on regular courts, can be played more freely in multi-purpose spaces more or less equipped for one game or another. Typically, the basketball court, with its scoreboards, is the one that requires less maintenance.

Appointment with sport climbing in Arco

The last weekend of July was the time of the traditional Rock Master Festival, combined with the Italian stage of the World Cup Lead and Speed, followed, in August, by the Rock Junior for the under 14.

Dogs, greenery and sidewalks

The topic was discussed by Bruno Grillini, architect, and Giovanni Bucci, veterinary doctor, during an evening organized in Trento on May 22 by the DogBliss Association, under the patronage of the Lions International section of Trento, the Order of Veterinary Doctors of the Province of Trento and the Municipality of Trento, and coordinated by [...]

Special… Quidditch!

When the English writer J.K.Rowling published 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' in 1997, the first novel of the saga of Harry Potter, would not have perhaps imagined that in the future the Quidditch, magical game that takes place on horseback of flying broom handles, described there for the first time, would become a true sports discipline.