The Parco della Torre

The Parco della Torre, opened in Milan in 2018, offers play areas for children of different ages: this is the space for children.

The play area for children up to 12 years of age is designed with a series of 7 coloured rings linked together, each one accompanied by a game.

The rings are made with rubber flooring, whose thickness is calculated according to the maximum height of fall expected for each game. This is made by laying a mixture of recycled black rubber granules, diameter 6-12 mm, with variable thickness, on top of the concrete base screed; on top of this, a cast is laid with coloured rubber granules, 100% EPDM, in the RAL colours envisaged by the project.

The games are mainly made of steel and wood, with plastic seats and coloured ropes or nets.

The full reportage was published in Tsport 325 and in the article: Milano: il Parco della Torre alla Bicocca