Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou (China)

The Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou has opened last autumn. In a 60 hectare publicly accessible landscape park, the stadium with a capacity of 45,000 and a span of 250 meters, the aquatics center with 3,000 seats, the indoor arena with 13,000 seats, and the shopping center have been completed.

Chorzów, Poland: conversion of the Śląski stadium

The old stadium of the Polish city, which has been rebuilt several times, has undergone a new aesthetic and functional update, equipping itself, next to the football field, with an international athletics facility and a translucent roof on the stands.

Lynchburg, Virginia (USA): University Athletics Center

Liberty University’s new 60,000-square-foot Liberty Athletics Center (LAC) integrates academic study areas with state-of-the-art rehabilitation, strength and conditioning facilities, academic and administrative offices, equipment room, refueling station for student-athletes.