Bellinzago Novarese (Novara): School gym

The design of volumes for sport and physical activity "for all". (even with areas-parterres where the presence of the public is expected) requires a specialized design approach, as a result of the complexity of the scale of engineering and the high technological level required.

Brescia – Birth of the Palaleonessa

The old circular exhibition pavilion has undergone a drastic transformation that has given life to the new sports hall, designed for basketball at an international level, with ingenious architectural and structural solutions.

The new Nelson Mandela Park in Sestri Levante (Genua)

The urban park created behind the wooded hill of Monte Castello is part of a program aimed at urban redevelopment of an abandoned industrial area through the modification of the road network and the creation of a large green lung with functions of entertainment, fun, outdoor sports.

School gym at the campus of Sondrio

Following a competition launched by the provincial administration in 2001 for the general redevelopment of the Sondrio campus, the same winners as at that time, after completing the building of the Professional Institute, have now created the school gymnasium in the position where the concentration of sports facilities on the campus was planned.