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Settembre – Ottobre 2019

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Stadi e campi di calcio

Pagnacco (Udine): Synthetic grass training football pitch

One of the fields of the municipal sports centre has been completely renovated, replacing the surface already made of natural grass with a synthetic turf of the latest generation.

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Atletica leggera

Short athletic track in Marco of Rovereto (Trento)

As part of the extraordinary maintenance work on the sports field of Marco (Rovereto), the administration decided in favor of a new athletics short track.

Zogno (Bergamo) – Functional upgrading of the soccer field and athletics facilities

As part of the development and upgrading of sports facilities, taking advantage of the possibility offered by the co-financing made available by the Lombardy Region, was completed the renovation of the soccer and athletic facilities of the Municipal Sports Centre of Camanghè, also in use adjacent to the provincial school complex.

Tscape - Arredo urbano

Limone sul Garda – The cantilevered cycle/pedestrian track on the lake

This is the most evocative stretch of the future Garda ring, just inaugurated, which from the town of Limone reaches the border with Trentino alongside the old Western Gardesana Road: with the particularity that, where the road enters the tunnel, the cycle/pedestrian path clings to the rock protruding on the waters of the lake.

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Inclusive games

Games for children, in an urban park, must be adapted to the needs of a wider audience and help to train and educate them to a culture of participation and integration, being able to recognize, from the outset, at the time of the game, in the diversity of others a resource.

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Fencing facility in Frascati