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Stadiums and soccer fields

stadio druso tribuna
Bolzano: refurbishment and enlargement of the Druso Stadium

FC Suedtirol Bolzano celebrates promotion from Lega Pro to Serie B in conjunction with the completion of renovations to the historic city Stadium, with the grandstands increased to a capacity of 5,500 spectators.

Swimming centres

mondovì centro natatorio
Mondovì (Cuneo): energy and structural upgrading of the municipal swimming pool

Mondovi’s municipal swimming pool, built in the 1970s, has undergone major energy, structural and aesthetic upgrading to make it a nearly zero fossil fuel energy building (nZEB) under the PROSPECT 2030 project implemented with 2014/2020 ERDF funds.

Halls and gyms


marina di massa atletica
Massa: Athletics track at Campo Scuola

Within the municipal sports area of Massa, which also includes the stadium and the sports hall (see Tsport 328), the track and field complex was upgraded
with ring and platforms, in order to homologate the 6-lane facility in class B.

cus bologna
Bologna: renovation of the “Terrapieno” athletics track

The Alma Mater and the CUSB have renovated and upgraded the entire sports area, inaugurating in October the facility that will be approved to host national and international competitive events. In this way, a high-level multidisciplinary sports complex was returned to the university community and the city.

Tscape - Urban furniture

Prato: Playground at Macrolotto Zero

The Playground is one of the few existing open-air areas in the Macrolotto Zero district and aims to respond to the lack of equipped outdoor sports spaces.

Other facilities

museo olimpico e paralimpico seattle
Colorado Springs (USA): US Olympic and Paralympic Museum
ospitaletto piscina comunale tipiesse
Ospitaletto (Brescia): new swimming facility
castel ivano regupol
Castel Ivano (Trento): new solutions for renovating school sports surfaces
New York (USA), Little Island park over the Hudson River
Wadenswil arrampicata sint roc
Wädenswil (Switzerland): new Gaswerk climbing hall
Parma: Indoor facilities for the university campus
Casal di Principe (Caserta): upgrading of the municipal sports facility
Pesaro: Renovation of the bowling hall


Inclusive games

Games for children, in an urban park, must be adapted to the needs of a wider audience and help to train and educate them to a culture of participation and integration, being able to recognize, from the outset, at the time of the game, in the diversity of others a resource.

Sustenible facilities

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